Momos Side effect : Why Momos is Spreading In India, Do you love Momo😋

Momos Side effect : Good Afternoon Friends, in this article i am going to tell you about momos as you all love Momo so you should know about the Momo facts & also should know the sauce served with momos is very spicy and made up of some dirty ingredients and can cause you sick.

Momo Side Effect
Momo Side Effect

Know where momos originated from

both Tibet and Nepal considered its as birth place its story is very interesting how it reach in India lets know how its taste changed after reaching in India…. because Indians have capability to give more taste to anything as everyone wants Momo in their junk food or any occasion.

Different types of Momo

Different Types Of Momo
Different Types Of Momo

The momos filled with different different veges and some also uses meat this snack rolling in peoples hearts in such a way thats people have become crazy about it there are many varieties of momos like fried momos cheese momos paneer momos Kurkure momos  with spicy and very tasty chilly tomatoes chutney

Dangerous disease caused by Momo


As it is tasty but it has many side effect which cause you harm when you have it in a report it is mention that continuously eating momos which is made up of white flour can cause many serious diseases like Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure and even Cancer, So if you say always yes to momos then check out this Article and understand how Momos harmful for your health. So let start and discuss about Momos Harmful Effect Your Health.

Momo Harmful Effect & Diseases in your Health are as follow –

  • Dangerous for the intestines : Guys if you are reaching the shops to taste momos in the evening, then be careful about this.  Eat cheese….
  • Serious Damage to kidneys : Eating momos can cause many diseases to the body so please careful to your Health.
  • Risk of bleeding : Momos made from protein-free flour are eaten with red chilly chutney, and guys you should seriously know red chilly chutney are very dangerous for your health.
  • Gaining Weight : Eating Momos can cause gaining weight & your body not fit.
  • Fear of infection : If you eaten momos then infection in your body like a Swelling, Vomiting, Stomachache.


So friends, today we have talked about the topic of how unhealthy Momo are. So friends, what do you have to say about this topic, please tell us through the comment box & would you like to eat Momo now. There are no helath benefits of eating momos. However, eating them in excess can cause health problems. To know such great information, follow our